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Worksite Offices

Each one of our facilities is equipped with the following convenient features: hot desktops, private offices, suites, conference rooms, kitchen, bathroom & shower

Network connectivity

All of our data centers provide carrier-neutral network access and managed IP bandwidth service. Several Carrier Options | Mult-layered Redundancy | Best-in-class Equipment

remote hands services

Cascade Divide’s expert team of highly-trained technicians and electricians can assist you with all your support and maintenance needs.

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Worksite Offices

Each one of our locations is designed with convenient business suites and offer fail-safe and redundancy options. Our carefully planned and equipped geographically sound locations provide the ultimate in security and reliability. Rest assured we’ve got you covered. Whether your IT staff needs an office on-the-go or you are looking for a long-term backup solution, our office suites offer you the latest technology features to keep your business going through the best and worst of times.

April 14, 2019

network connectivity

Consider a fire, earthquake, tidal wave or zombie apocalypse has gutted your places of business. You have your applications and data and backed up off-site at our data center, but you have no way to access it. Nowhere to recover it. Nowhere to run it or service your customers.

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remote hands services

We are committed to helping your organization operate as efficiently as possible. With our managed IT services we source the labor to ensure maximized uptime availability. Work with our specialists and partners to assess your needs and identify solutions. Our industry experts are available 24/7 to ensure your company doesn’t experience any downtime.

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